The fastest way to start trading.

Live DataFrame provides a streaming cryptocurrency api for market data. It comes conveniently wrapped in a Pandas DataFrame, ready to analyze. Streaming, storing, and analyzing data used to be separate complex tasks. Now it’s just Live DataFrame.

Streaming DataFrame

Improve your python coding skills, learn about financial markets, and build your strategy – all at the same time!

LiveDataFrame makes it easy for you to jump right into the trading action.

Industry Standard Tools

Rapidly prototype and test strategies with Python – the most widely used language is Python for quants.

Streaming Market Data

Get a high quality streaming crypto market feed. Have it delivered in a dataframe that is ready for analysis.

Powerful Analysis

Chart, filter, and compare coins in a few short lines of code. Build a custom market view for strategies in a few more lines.

Get a Birds Eye View of The Entire Crypto Market

See live updates of every coin pair on Binance, Bitfinex, and Bittrex. Filter by volume, price action, and more to focus on the coins that catch your attention. Create alerts and visual cues to help aid your trading. Do this all with Python & LiveDataFrames.

Bitfinex Cryptocurrency Heatmap
Streaming Cryptocurrency API Chart

A Smarter Cryptocurrency API

Start the Live DataFrame, and you’ve started your analysis. Don’t worry about shaping, storing, or caching cryptocurrency prices. Worry about the thing that matters – your strategy.

Getting into Algorithmic Trading Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

A lot newcomers get stuck on the technology and architecture of algorithmic trading. It becomes overwhelming and they often give up. Don’t be one of them! LiveDataFrame uses the full power of python for quants. It’s dead simple will be the only tool you need to get started.

"Man, this thing is getting better and better the more I use it. Live DataFrame has completely changed how I view the market and I'm starting to see some awesome results. You guys rock! "

– Tommy H. | Beta Tester

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