How it Works

We use Pandas DataFrame, the best analysis tool for Python, to give you a smarter cryptocurrency api. You get the analysis suite and streaming market data in one package. Don’t worry about programming websocket adapters, cleaning json, or building databases. Focus on algorithmic trading.

Streaming dataframe

Learn Algorithmic Trading Through Our Tutorials

The idea of entering the algotrading world can be quite scary. It doesn’t have to be! Follow our tutorials to start researching and trading like a real python quant.

Algorithmic Trading Tutorial
Cryptocurrency api chart

Python + Pandas + Streaming = LiveDataFrame

Use the LiveDataFrame to carry out your entire quant focused data analysis in Python:

    • View, filter, sort, and compare coins.
    • Plot one coin, some coins, or all coins.
    • Add indicators like RSI, SMA, and more to your analysis.
    • Use alerts and visual cues to help you trade better.
    • Plug in Sci-kit learn or Tensorflow to add machine learning to your market research.

Augmented Trading

There is this false idea that algorithmic trading has to be 100% automated. This is not true. Interacting with the market will develop your trader’s intuition much faster. LiveDataFrame allows you to automate the tedious parts of research. Instead of wasting time coding boilerplate, immerse yourself in strategy development.

Cryptocurrency Indicators

"Live DataFrame impressed me on multiple levels. I learned so much about coding, python, and algorithmic trading. All while building my strategy!"

– Sydney O. | Beta Tester

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