The LiveDataFrame allows powerful analysis on cryptocurrency market data.

Data Points Per Minute


Coin Pairs

Data Solution

High Quality Streaming Data

Access over 800+ coin pairs across 3 of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Our cryptocurrency data arrives ready for you to use in a Pandas DataFrame – the most powerful tool in Python for data analysis.

Market Research Workhorse

Start the LiveDataFrame, and you’re starting your market research. Add plots, filters, and indicators to streaming cryptocurrency market feeds. Act on information as soon as it arrives.

The Only Cryptocurrency Analysis Tool You’ll Ever Need

LiveDataFrame is a powerful cryptocurrency analysis tool that seamlessly transitions into production code.

Cryptocurrency OHLCV Data

Access open, high, low, close, and volume information. Our cryptocurrency data comes straight from the exchange.

Real Time Analytics

Can you find an arbitrage opportunity as it happens? Use the LiveDataFrame to continually watch the market.

800+ Coin Pairs

Hit the ground running with access to 192 pairs on Bitfinex, 333 pairs on Binance and 286 pairs on Bittrex.

Architecture in a Box

Acquiring, cleaning, and storing data is taken care of.  Focus on finding your edge!

Plug In to 250+ Python Libraries

Python is the most popular language for financial analysis. Over 250+ quant libraries exist for you to try.


You can easily extend the LiveDataFrame. Build tools with Python to fully customize it for your use case.

Jupyter Notebook Wizardry

Quickly prototype GUI tools to view, filter, and compare cryptocurrency coins in real time.

Backtest Ready

Have you found a strategy with promise? Use our extensive cryptocurrency historical data to rapidly test it.

Augmented Trading

Follow the 80/20 rule. Develop your strategy. Prototype it. Start trading. Rinse and repeat.

Find your Edge and Get Ahead of the Market

Did you really start algotrading to spend days cleaning data and handling spotty API connections? I didn’t think so. You started because you wanted to learn about the markets and try to make some money! Skip the boilerplate and jump straight to LiveDataFrame. Your time is worth more than fighting with csv files.

"It's so easy! I can test a lot more strategies now that I'm not wasting time on the ones that don't work."

– Tom Ardmer | Beta Tester

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